Chatmar Ice Witch
Lance Van De Hoge Laer x Chatmar Fire N Ice
Import from the UK

SE VCH (swedish wildtracking champion)

Witch lives with Ghost, Awynh & Lillan & Krister

Mother to our M litter 2018

"She is a special kind of magic"

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X-Ray results:  
2016-04-20 HD B/B ED 0/0

Exterior description:  
2017-10-07 Gävle BK Approved, height 59 cm, length 62 cm

Mental description:  
2017-11-05 Gävle BK Complete & secure to gunshot

Wildtracking (blood tracking) results: shot
2017-12-07 SBAK open class first prize SE VCH !
2017-12-06 SBAK open class first prize
2017-12-05 SBAK open class first prize
2017-12-04 SBAK abilitytest approved

Show results:  
2017-07-15 National Gävle BK Excellent 1 open class
2015-11-15 National Rättvik 1 HP BOS puppy
2015-11-14 National Rättvik 1 puppy class
2015-10-24 Gävle BK 1 HP BOS puppy
2015-09-20 Ljusdals BK 1 puppy class
2015-08-30 Skutskärs BK 1 puppy class
2015-08-09 Tierps BK 1 puppy class