Hexen House Justifyh
Diego De La Prairie De La Sommerau x Hexen House Beliefh

Swedish Junior Winner 2017
SE VCH (swedish wildtracking champion)

Justifyh lives with Monah and dogs in Kubbo.

“Because we're worth it”


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X-Ray results:  
2018-??-?? HD ?/? ED ?/?

Mental description:  
2018-??-?? Gävle  

Wildtracking (blood tracking) results:  
2017-12-07 SBAK open class first pris HP SE VCH !
2017-12-06 SBAK open class first price
2017-12-05 SBAK open class, first price
2017-12-04 SBAK abilitytest approved

Tracking results:  

Obedience results:  

Rally obedience results:  

Show results:  
2017-12-16 International Stockholm Excellent 1 SEJW-17
2017-08-05 SBU specialty show Excellent 2 CQ juniorclass
2017-07-15 National Gävle BK Excellent 1 CQ 2 best female
2017-06-06 National Roslagens BK Excellent 2 juniorclass
2017-05-28 International Gimo Excellent 1 CQ BOB
2017-05-13 International Ålesund NO Excellent 1 juniorclass
2017-04-08 Unofficial Ludvika 1 HP BOB puppy BOG-4
2017-02-19 Unofficial Gävle 1 HP BOB puppy
2016-11-27 Unofficial Kungsgården 1 HP BOB puppy BOG-3